Welcome and thank you for visiting. Tara Ursulescu, an empath, is a passionate & inspirational writer – with an edge! She holds a Bachelor’s Degree (Honors) in Psychology, and is a Certified Coach Practitioner. Born in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, raised in Saskatchewan, she currently resides in Calgary.

One of  Tara’s main passions includes meeting and interviewing inspirational people, sharing their stories through her writing, and empowering others.

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“My mission is to touch peoples’ hearts, tell Life stories that are real, heart-warming and inspiring, but also the stories that people don’t often share, hide, are embarrassed of, etc.  I want to bring those to light so that others who’ve gone through the same experiences don’t feel alone: eating disorders, depression, bullying, loss of a loved one, abusive relationships, lack of support, feeling alone and unwanted or “different”, not fitting in, being highly sensitive, etc. I am interested in ALL perspectives and views and welcome messages from people of all walks of life, backgrounds, ages, etc. My writing is always done in a kind, respectful, positive manner, usually includes a spiritual view, while also keeping it real.”

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